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Homes for Sale in East Meadow, NY

East Meadow, New York, is an unassuming dense suburban area.

It started as a cattle grazing area in 1655 until the revolutionary war ended. East Meadows has significantly developed since then and thrives today as a multi-cultural middle-class community. You can find most locals focused on diversifying the neighborhood living experience through various community efforts and individual initiatives. A lot of residents are also forward-thinkers and welcome ambitious ideas. This mindset helps this community on its continuous trajectory on the success scale. East Meadow, New York, is perfect for families, young professionals, and creatives looking to stay motivated and find inspiration. Contact us now if you’re ready to get inspired and experience life. Our lines are always open for you!

CONVENIENT COMMUTES: Many young professionals have gradually called East Meadows, New York, their home. The community has a healthy mix of white and blue-collar workers because houses aren’t as expensive, and jobs are easy commutes. It’s only a 40-minute journey to New York City. Buses are available via the Nassau Inter-County Express buses. You can take a train ride using the Long Island Railroad.

WALKABLE: There are a lot of establishments in East Meadows, New York, that are just a walking distance away. The walkability is a prime reason why more people want to move here. And it’s relatively safe with constant police presence. Children can walk to the parks and schools with little to no risk. This feature encourages residents not to depend on cars and live healthier lifestyles.

REMARKABLE EDUCATION: Other neighborhoods have great schools with competitive sports programs. East Meadows, New York schools are geared more towards art and music. But there are still great sports clubs children can join to enhance their physical abilities. Teachers here are more than qualified to teach their students and help them grow academically. They also treat students with the utmost care and have great relationships with parents in the community. The district is the third-largest school district in New York.

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Homes in East Meadow, NY

10 Real Estate Facts About East Meadow, NY

  • The majority of houses are from the early to late 1950s.
  • Common home styles are Ranch and Cape Cod with Vinyl Sidings.
  • A decent single-family residence costs anywhere from $500,000 to $700,000
  • Luxurious 5-bedroom houses can fetch a price tag of up to $1.5 million.
  • Most homes in East Meadow, New York, have been remodeled.
  • Median home value last April 2022 for East Meadow was roughly $690,000
  • Price per square foot starts at around $280 and goes up to more than $600.
  • The year-on-year median sale price for the area increased more than 12% from 2021.
  • The average homes sell for about 3% above list price.
  • More desirable homes sell up to 6% above list price.
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East Meadow is an unincorporated area in Hempstead. It’s located 30 miles from downtown Manhattan. The Northern State Parkway, the Southern State Parkway, Meadowbrook State Parkway, and Wantagh State Parkway surround it. East Meadow is 227 miles from Washington DC and 134 miles from the New York state capital.

Nearby cities include North Merrick, North Bellmore, Levittown, Uniondale, and Long Beach. Entry points to the neighborhood include Bellmore Avenue, Merrick Avenue, and Carman Avenue.

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Things to do in East Meadow, NY

Jones Beach

East Meadow's classic getaway staples at Jones Beach are sunburns, sand castles, and the sea. You can have frequent vacations with family and friends. It is only a couple of bus rides away.

Eisenhower Park

Eisenhower Park has an insane amount of sports facilities. It has a fitness center, a basketball court, two cricket fields, 2 Pickleball courts,14 ballfields, NHL-sized skating rinks, athletic fields, indoor swimming pools, two football fields, golf courses, and 14 lighted tennis courts.

I.Fly Trapeze School

Conquer your fear of heights and falling at I.FLY Trapeze. The experience already comes with aerial arts instruction, circus camps, and more.

Sheltair Terminal

Flying Helicopters Made Easy is located at Sheltair Terminal. Learn about flying basics and work your way up to advanced lessons. They also offer picturesque aerial tours for dates and groups looking for new experiences.


Schools in East Meadow, NY

School NameGradesAdmission
Mcvey Elementary SchoolK - 5Public
Woodland Middle School6 - 8Public
East Meadow High School9 - 12Public