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Garden City Country Club, NY

Garden City Country Club is an affluent suburban institution near the west edge of Garden City, New York.

The original purpose of constructing the Garden City Country Club centered around providing a central location where the community could relax and play golf. The head and founder of the country club enlisted the help of one of the most famous golfers in the US to design a world-class golf course. Walter Travis carefully crafted the original 18-hole design in 1916. Decades of membership have since seen the Garden City Country Club add newer amenities. You can call us for more information on Garden City Country Club and all the surrounding clubs. We can also give you a rundown of available properties near the club.

GOLF FOR ALL: Garden City Country Club stuns with terrific views and well-kept fairways. But their golf course’s reputation comes from its challenging play for all types of golfers. Beginners can use its putting greens, and the staff can accommodate new players for lessons. Garden City Country Club is an excellent choice for regular golf rounds and a new destination for golf enthusiasts who haven’t been to Garden City, New York.

ASSORTMENT OF AMENITIES: Garden City Country Club has numerous facilities and activities beyond its golf course. You can find private meeting rooms, dining rooms, locker rooms, and fitness workout rooms. Members can also enjoy the tennis complex and visit the golf pro shop. The club also offers catering services for any special event you may be planning. There are more than enough recreational opportunities to keep members busy year-round.

ACCESSIBLE HOMES: There is an excellent selection of homes in Garden City, New York. The neighborhood has a healthy mix of craftsman, French revival, cape cod, and colonial revival-style houses. The properties’ price range here stays comfortably between the going prices on Hempstead and Old Westbury. A modest 7,000 sqft single-family home near the neighborhood’s border can start at $700,000. More lavish homes can go up to $4.5 million. Most of the available homes in the market that are up for sale in Garden City are near Garden City Country Club, New York.

OUTSTANDING SCHOOLS: There is a collection of educational institutions surrounding the Garden City Country Club. Basque in the grand view of the 6,578-yard golf course or devour delicious food while waiting for your children to get out of one of the nearby schools. There are facilities for kids who need voluntary prekindergarten education programs. There are also colleges nearby for young adults who want to get their college degrees but don’t want to travel far from home.

FASCINATING ATTRACTIONS: The Garden City Country Club can be a great rest stop when you spend the day hopping from one attraction to another. Garden City, New York, is home to some rare gems. Club members and homeowners can spend a day with nature inside The Garden City Bird Sanctuary. Pay respect to war veterans at The Garden City War Memorial. History lovers can dive deeper into the area’s past by visiting the Garden City Historical Society Museum. Unpack all your learnings and experiences after a long day of sightseeing over a few drinks at the Garden City Country Club bar area.

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The Garden City Country Club is positioned in the western portion of Garden City, New York. It’s cornered by Edgemere Road and Stewart Avenue, just above Garden City South. It’s only a couple of blocks away from Nassau Boulevard and not more than a few minutes away from Jericho Turnpike.

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