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Garden City Golf Club is a premier exclusive golf club adjacent to Cherry Valley Avenue in Garden City, New York.

It was built in 1897 as a hotel but incorporated a few years later in 1899. It is now one of America’s few remaining men-only clubs and is known to most golfers as “Garden City Men’s Club” or the “Men’s Club.” The original course only had nine holes under Devereux Emmet’s design. It was soon expanded and built under the plan of Richard Howland Hunt.

AWARD-WINNING GOLF COURSE: The Garden City Golf Club has received acclaim since its opening. Golf Magazine ranked it 26th in one of their Top 100 Courses in the US list, 47th in one of their Top 100 Courses in the World list, and 55th in one of their America’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses list. It also ranked 9th in Golf Digest’s golf courses in New York City. The Garden City Golf Club has developed a sterling reputation throughout the years.

GENIUS DESIGN: Part of Garden City Golf Club’s charm is its apparent simplicity. The 18-hole golf course snuggles against a flatland blanketed with light loam. Players soon discover that the greens are not so simple and have hidden challenges waiting for them. Strategically-placed bunkers and fairways produce more enjoyable gameplay for all types of golfers. The experience separates dynamic players from habit-based ones a few holes down. People have been switching zip codes to live closer to golf clubs like this. The timeless and brilliant design is why Garden City Golf Club’s one of the most sought-after memberships in the US.

EXTENDED HOME: The clubhouse has an old-world appeal similar to an English club. It blends perfectly well with the elegant designs of neighboring homes. Imagine Cape Cod-style houses that decorate the view against the wood and stone and Federal-type properties complementing the vibrant greenery of the Garden City Golf Club. You’ll feel right at home at this history-laden institution that is a witness to the area’s rises and falls. Purchasing a membership at this prestigious club is the cherry on top of buying the houses for sale in Garden City, New York.

EXCLUSIVE APPEAL: The Garden City Golf Club offers intimate gameplay and privacy to keep members comfortable. This veil of mystery accompanies memberships and leaves those with access to a sense of prestige and belongingness they would otherwise not have in other clubs. Knowing things that go on in a club that others do not know is already a perk. Segregation is not always welcomed in society but is a gift to those with it. In reality, it’s only a pass for entry. But at the end of the day, exclusivity is yours to do as you please. You paid for it.

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Garden City Golf Club stands atop 315 Stewart Ave, right at the very center of Garden City, New York. It’s enveloped by a network of surrounding roads that include Rockaway Avenue, Old Country Road, Mineola Boulevard, Cherry Valley Avenue, and Stewart Avenue. It’s adjacent to St. Paul’s Recreation Complex, Garden City Department of Recreation and Parks.

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