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Homes for Sale in Hempstead Golf and Country Club, Hempstead, NY 

Hempstead Golf & Country Club is an esteemed amenity-based institution in Hempstead, New York.

It offers more than just golfing to its members. It is an unparalleled social experience that contrasts with the privacy of nearby homes. It is also an opportunity to get in touch with nature in the middle of Long Island, New York. Country clubs are the perfect social settings to unwind and get to know your neighbors. After a long day at work, it’s nice to relax and enjoy some time with friends over drinks or dinner. If you’re looking for a place where you can meet new people while enjoying some of your favorite hobbies, Hempstead might be right for you! We offer great deals on houses around the area just in case you want to be nearer to clubs like this.

GOLF COURSE: The 18-hole private golf course expands to 1.36 acres of land. Peter W. Lees designed it. The Hempstead golf course opened in 1922 and is rated one of New York’s best for its pace to play and fairway conditions. The golf course also features rough and hazards for a challenging game. It is a great place to access a fantastic resource for your health and well-being. The daily walk will help you stay active throughout your day, giving you more energy for work and more time with friends and family. It’s also good for lowering stress, ensuring that your mood stays positive. Additionally, the available putting greens can help you destress too while you level up your skills.

FULL-FEATURE: Hempstead Golf & Country Club has four tennis courts you can use to get your game on. It’s a fantastic way to stay in shape and spend quality time with friends and family. The club also offers tennis lessons for members, which is a great way to improve your skills. Hempstead Golf & Country Club also maintains a massive pool with seamless poolside service. But if bowling’s more your thing, they also have a well-maintained bowling facility that employs friendly and attentive staff. Bowling shoes and bowling balls are on stock for anyone to borrow. Disinfecting shoes is customary after each use. You might want to cap off your day with a gastronomic experience. Food reviews are phenomenal and helped Hempstead Golf & Country Club bolster itself into people’s mouths and stomachs.

EASE OF ACCESS: A great facility calls for an equally great community. Most members treat Hempstead Golf & Country Club facilities as extensions of their own homes. Many members are also residents of the area. So, members walk to the club and do their regular routines. The staff knows them by name and knows their preferences. Houses in the community perfectly complement the ambiance of the club too. House designs are commonly ranch and cape styles. They are understated and classic single-family homes. Properties at Hempstead, New York, are prime for picking and are fantastic investments because of amenities and establishments like the Hempstead Golf & Country Club. Access to clubhouses is one of the most significant considerations for house hunters now.

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Hempstead Golf & Country Club is in the Town of Hempstead in Nassau County, on Long Island, New York. It’s 26.1 miles from Manhattan and surrounded by Southern State Parkway. The entrance begins where the intersection of Hempstead Turnpike, Hempstead Avenue, Fulton Road, and Front Road cross paths. The country club is in the West Hempstead area, but a portion runs through the Hempstead Area.

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