The Best Neighborhoods in Nassau County, NY

The Best Neighborhoods in Nassau County, NY

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Nassau County can be found to the east of the Big Apple. It is part of the “Long Island” region, which also includes Suffolk County to the east. The county comprises two cities, three towns, sixty-four incorporated villages, and over sixty unincorporated enclaves, and it shares a boundary with Connecticut along Long Island Sound.

The region is home to many different communities, making it difficult for a visitor unfamiliar with the area to shortlist the best neighborhoods in Nassau County. This article might help you learn more about the various communities and what they offer.

What Makes a Neighborhood Great, and How do You Determine That?

What Makes a Neighborhood Great, and How do you Determine that

It’s not simply the houses in a neighborhood that make it great. Homebuyers who are looking for their next home should take into consideration these essential criteria.

The movement within and around the community must be as simple and uncomplicated as possible, not just for the car drivers but for everybody.

The layout of the community takes advantage of its surroundings by including stunning vistas, carefully manicured grounds, and intricate architectural elements, ensuring that there is so much to draw one’s interest.

Workplaces, shopping centers, entertainment venues, and healthcare facilities are all examples of the kinds of amenities that should be conveniently located near a lovely community.

When you don’t worry about your safety, no matter what time of day it is, you know you’ve found yourself in an excellent community.

Great communities foster a deep sense of mutual respect and support among their people. Those that live close to each other tend to know one another and offer support.

Whether it’s a new hotspot for foodies or an art scene on the rise, residents are more likely to feel a sense of pride in their community if it has a distinct identity.

What Are the Best Neighborhoods in Nassau County for Young Families?

What are the Best Neighborhoods in Nassau County for Young Families

Now that you know what to look for in a good neighborhood, you can start exploring Nassau County’s various communities to find the most excellent fit for you and your family.

Housing Price Range: $799,000 to $1.8 million

Residents of Garden City, New York always sing the neighborhood’s praises, citing it as one of the safest in New York. Children can socialize and play together in the Mott Section triangle park, located at the center of the small set of roads that make up the neighborhood.

Housing Price Range: $899,000 to $1.3 million


Education should always be on your mind if you are a parent. The superior school districts will often go hand in hand with developing improved areas such as Garden City Estates. You can send your kids to top-rated schools surrounding the community. 


Aside from that, there is also a significantly lower property and violent crime rate in Garden City Estates compared to the rest of New York.

Housing Price Range: $440,000 to $1.5 million

There are constantly fresh experiences to be enjoyed when you are a resident of Merrick, whether one is interested in museums, preserves, cultural institutions, or even outdoor leisure, making it one of the best places to live in Nassau County, NY.

The area is also served by not one but two different school districts. Your children will be spoiled for choice when it comes to higher education institutions in the area if you make your home in Merrick, Hempstead, or one of the other adjacent towns.

Housing Price Range: $550,000 to $1.5 million

There are various parks in North Merrick, each of which provides the facilities necessary for a stress-free afternoon. In some of these parks, children can play on the playground equipment while their parents get some exercise.

Housing Price Range: $370,000 to $1.4 million


The scenic location of South East Meadow is perfect for any member of the family, but especially those who take pleasure in outdoor activities and sports. Eisenhower Park and other community gathering spots host special events throughout the year to honor local diversity and bring people together.


In addition, other residential streets in South East Meadow share similarities yet have consistent home values.

What Are the Best Neighborhoods in Nassau County for Retirees?

What are the Best Neighborhoods in Nassau County for Retirees

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Housing Price Range: $479,000 to $879,000

Residing in North East Meadow puts you within walking distance of some of the most well-regarded hospitals on Long Island. As a result of the proximity of high-quality medical facilities to the community, retirees can derive significant advantages from their use, which is made possible by the fact that healthcare services are easy to access from their residences.

Housing Price Range: $849,000 to $4.5 million

Due to the predominance of single-family homes in Garden City West, the area is known for its relative peace and tranquility. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, consider moving to Garden City West.

The entire calmness and serenity of the neighborhood make it possible for retirees to have a pleasant experience of unwinding in the convenience of their homes.

What Are the Best Neighborhoods in Nassau County for Young Professionals?

What are the Best Neighborhoods in Nassau County for Young Professionals

Housing Price Range: $430,000 to $2.2 million

West Hempstead is the ideal location for anyone looking for a peaceful environment and a short commute to their place of employment. Residents may easily make it to the city center since three train stations are operating daily. Since West Hempstead is located near several main thoroughfares, navigating the area is a breeze.

Housing Price Range: $400,000 to $780,000

The area of Uniondale is fantastic not only for families with kids but also for young adults just starting in a variety of careers. Work opportunities may be abundant in Uniondale because of the town’s convenient location. Comparatively speaking, the area’s standard of living is on par with that of the major cities.

Housing Price Range: $470,000 to $2.2 million

South Hempstead is a charming and cozy haven in Hempstead, New York, providing its residents with a comfortable atmosphere. By developing a more closely bonded character, the community works to create a healthier environment for all its residents.

What Are the Best Neighborhoods in Nassau County for Singles?

What are the Best Neighborhoods in Nassau County for Singles

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Housing Price Range: $570,000 to $1.3 million

While Manhattan is what most people think of New York’s nightlife, the city’s 24-hour energy and cosmopolitan charm aren’t limited to Manhattan. In Garden City South, New York, you will be able to find things to do to keep you entertained.

Every Friday night, there are fantastic performances and block celebrations that you should not miss. If you’re still feeling joyful after the party, you can also head to one of the lively bars in the surrounding area.

Housing Price Range: $127,000 to $1.5 million

The vicinity of Downtown Hempstead serves as a hub of commercial and entertainment activity for the areas that border it in Hempstead, NY. Downtown Hempstead always has exciting things to do or venues to visit, making it one of the best Nassau County neighborhoods for singles!

If you want to explore more communities in Nassau County, please feel free to navigate this Interactive Map to help you go around and about the area with ease.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions:

There are many lovely communities you can find around Nassau County, and all these neighborhoods have something unique to offer to their residents. However, the pristine neighborhood of Salisbury is definitely one of the best areas in Nassau County, NY.

Not only is the Salisbury neighborhood ideal for families, but it is also for perfect for anybody who wants to live in an area where everything is within easy reach. At the same time, this community offers a quiet and peaceful ambiance. If you value your own space and want to raise your family in a secure environment, Salisbury, New York is the place for you.

Among the most expensive neighborhoods in the county are Garden City West and Salisbury, which are also two of the best neighborhoods in Nassau County. Both communities offer impressive residential properties that can reach up to almost $4 million, depending on their features, amenities, and other home elements.

All residential neighborhoods in Nassau County are ideal places to live and settle down. With their convenient locations and amenities, every Nassau County community can provide you with a pleasant lifestyle.

Finding the best neighborhoods in Nassau County mainly depends on your preferences, but most homebuyers prefer buying homes in a community located close to many commercial establishments and schools. Some are also looking for neighborhoods with easy access to major highways for more accessible travel.

My recommendations on the best neighborhoods in Nassau County, NY are aligned with each of my client’s personal choice and preferences. It is also important that the neighborhood mirrors their lifestyle to ensure that they will appreciate the location that is recommended to them and that they will enjoy living there.